We are currently fully staffed - there are no jobs available at the moment.

Fidelity only conducts its recruitment through reputable recruitment agencies, by carrying out multiple personal interviews.

We do not announce job offers through bulk e-mail, post, text messages or unsolicited calls. We do not offer unqualified part-time jobs. We do not hire anyone through Internet. We do not send out employment contracts or other job-related documents through e-mail.


If you have received an e-mail, text message or call from someone who claims to represent our company (Fidelity) and offers you a job – this is a fraud! We do not offer any jobs in this manner. Any such offers are fraudulent and have nothing to do with our firm!

There have been incidents where some individuals have been offering „jobs” on behalf of Fidelity Corporate Services (Fidelity). This is a fraud! The individuals who send these offers are criminals. Their aim is to obtain your personal details. They also want to trick you into making an advance payment for some „job materials” or „costs”.

To make themselves believable, the criminals pretend to represent known, reputable companies - such as ours. They use information, logos, names and credentials obtained from the official website of a genuine company. Details of Fidelity have been used illegally in such manner, to produce genuine-looking, but entirely fraudulent „job offers”.

We have not sent any of those messages!

If you have received such offer:
- DO NOT respond to it!
- DO NOT provide any personal details to the sender!
- DO NOT enter your personal information through any website!
- DO NOT open any attachments received through such messages!
- DO NOT, under any circumstances, remit any payments!
- REPORT the incident to your local police!

We never offer part-time jobs through sending out random e-mail messages or making random calls. In particular, we never offer anyone to receive or re-send any documents on our behalf. We never require any advance payments from prospective employees! We have no representative in the USA or Canada. Any person purporting to represent our firm, and offering job proposals on our behalf, is a fraud.

Google „job offer scams” to learn more and protect yourself !