Our affiliated firm in Cyprus, Fidesta Ltd, is a licensed administrative services provider in Cyprus, providing Cyprus company formation and management services to our global client base. This page briefly describes the business advantages of Cyprus and our services available there.

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CYPRUS – the best low-tax, European “midshore” jurisdiction.

Many international business owners face increasing discrimination of their offshore IBC’s. Traditional offshore companies are openly hated and persecuted just because of the advantages they provide – zero tax, simple management, no onerous accounting and reporting rules.

A more “above the board” and regulated corporate solution is often sought. That solution is commonly called “midshore”.

“Midshore” describes a business entity that (unlike most IBC’s) is a registered taxpayer, files tax reports, carries out proper accounting and auditing of its books and is located in a well-regulated and respected country - yet its actual regulatory and tax burden is very reasonable. One such jurisdiction is Cyprus, EU.


Republic of Cyprus, with a population of about 1,2 million, is a EU Member State. Cyprus is strategically located in the Eastern Mediterranean, between the European common market and the emerging Far-Eastern and African economies. The success of Cyprus is based on full membership in the EU coupled with mild taxation, reasonable regulation, an excellent system of education and a rule of law based on the British Common law. Cyprus is a perfect gateway for investment both from and into the EU.

Cyprus company advantages

First-off, the full membership in the EU prevents discrimination or blacklisting of Cyprus companies.

The flat corporate income tax in Cyprus is 12.5% - among the lowest in Europe. Further incentives can reduce the effective tax down to as low as 2.5% or even zero. In particular, inward and outward dividends of a Cyprus company are not subject to tax, which is perfect for holding and investment companies. Capital gains from sale of securities are also exempt. There are special advantages for companies engaged in Intellectual Property and highly capital-intensive projects.

Cyprus has vast network of double-tax avoidance treaties across the world. Another advantage of Cyprus is a modern and varied banking sector, coupled with a vast community of professionals in accounting, law, financial technologies and business management.

While all Cyprus companies must fully account for tax and produce audited financial statements every year, this is exactly the reputational advantage that many offshore IBC’s lack.

Our services in Cyprus

Fidesta Ltd is a regulated administrative services provider, licensed in Cyprus by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

The firm is specialized in providing the full range of services in relation to Cyprus companies, which includes the formation and subsequent administration (registered address, secretarial and management services), bank relationship and account management, and, of course, full accounting and tax compliance. Independent audit services are provided by a trusted local audit partner.

For a more detailed description of Cyprus company advantages, case studies, available services and fees, please visit the website of Fidesta Ltd HERE.

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