In this chapter, we have compiled a selection of useful documents and forms.

"Ordering" contain downloadable versions of our order forms.

"Legislation" contains full texts of the Belize laws that regulate the offshore company and other offshore entity formation as well as licensing of the providers of offshore financial services.


Order Form Belize IBC Order Form

If You do not wish to use our Online Order Form, this is the same form in *.pdf format. Please complete and send back to us by e-mail, fax or courier.

Order Form Terms and Conditions of Business

These are our standard Terms and Conditions of business. They protect the clients` interests, and ours, too. Downloadable for printing and signing.

Order Form Trust Order Form

If you wish to register a tax-free international Trust in Belize, this is the form to complete. Once completed, please send it to us so that we can see the trust details and your instructions to assist in the best way.

Order Form Foundation Application

Please complete and send to us this form if you intend to register a Belize International Foundation.

Order Form LLC Order form

For registering a Belize International Limited Liability Company, please complete and send us this form.


These are full wordings of some of the primary pieces of legislation that regulate offshore company formation, operation and management in Belize, registration and management of offshore trusts and offshore foundations, as well as some related areas of offshore financial services, like registered agents, banks, insurers, offshore investment funds and other offshore financial services providers.

Order Form Belize International Business Companies Act (as revised in 2011)

This is the main and the most important law, which currently regulates the registration, status and operation of the International Business Companies in Belize. The law was initially adopted in 1990, further extended and amended in 2000 and revised in 2011.

Order Form Belize International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017

The act contains several essential amendments to Belize International Business Companies Act. The principal objectives of these amendments are prohibition of bearer shares, creation and keeping of mandatory Register of Directors and Register of Beneficial Owners, and optional possibility for the international business companies to become income and business tax payers.

Order Form Belize International Trusts Act (as revised in 2011)

This law regulates creation and management Belize trusts, both, international and domestic. It was initially adopted in 1992, amended in 2007 and revised in 2011.

Order Form Belize International Foundations Act (as revised in 2011)

Initially adopted in 2010 and revised in 2011, this act provides for all the relevant aspects of Belize International Foundation – establishment, registration, parties to the foundation and the foundation management and control.

Order Form Belize International Limited Liability Companies Act, 2011

Organization and administration of International Limited Liability Companies in Belize as well as rights and duties of LLC members and managers are regulated by this Act.

Order Form Belize International Financial Services Commission (Licensing) Regulations, 2007

These Regulations list the financial services for which a license is required as well as set forth in detail the information that must be provided to the IFSC (licensing authority) by the financial services license applicant regarding the applicant company, its directors, shareholders and other officers.

Order Form Belize International Financial Services Commission (Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations, 2016

The Regulations state the current license application fees and annual license fees payable to the IFSC, and the minimum paid up and unimpaired capital requirements for each type of financial services business as from April 2016.

Order Form Belize International Financial Services Commission Act, 2007 (as revised in 2011)

This is the principal law that directs establishment, duties and operation of Belize financial services Authority – the International Financial Services Commission. The IFSC is in charge of licensing and supervising the Registered Agents as well as other international financial services providers – trust agents and international trustees, providers of Forex trading and trading in financial and commodity based derivative instruments, brokers and advisors in financial services among others.

Order Form Belize Mutual Funds Act 2000 (as revised in 2011)

This law governs the registration and licensing of public, private and professional investment funds (mutual funds), licensing and recognition of fund managers and administrators in Belize.

Order Form Belize Mutual Funds Policy Guidelines

Policy guidelines issued by the Belize Registrar of Mutual Funds under Section 3 (2)(d) of the Mutual Funds Act. In particular, contains guidelines for the "fit and proper test" for the fund managers and administrators.

Order Form Belize Mutual Funds Regulations

Regulations made by the Belize Minister responsible for Mutual Funds to further detail the general provisions of the Mutual Funds Act 2000.

Order Form Belize Offshore Banking Act 2000 (as revised in 2011)

This is the main law regulating the licensing and operation of offshore banks in Belize, including Class A and Class B (captive) offshore banks operating from within Belize.

Order Form Belize International Insurance Act 2000 (as revised in 2011)

This law governs the registration and licensing of offshore insurance companies, insurance managers, brokers and agents in Belize.

Order Form Belize Protected Cell Companies Act (as revised in 2011)

The act provides for company formation, creation of cells, asset attribution and other relevant particulars of Protected Cell companies, often used for offshore mutual fund or captive insurance establishments.