Marina Towers building

Fidelity Overseas Ltd is a privately held domestic company, registered and operating in Belize. The firm is licensed under the Belize International Financial Services Commission (Licensing) Regulations 2000, and is authorized to provide formation or management of international business companies or other offshore entities in and from Belize. As such, Fidelity Overseas Ltd acts as a Registered Agent in Belize and is regulated and supervised by the Belize International Financial Services Commission.

The firm has its office in Marina Towers, Belize City. The principals and the senior management of the firm have many years of experience in the international offshore services business and they have passed rigorous vetting by the Belize International Financial Services Commission as regards their professional experience and personal integrity.

Fidelity Overseas Ltd specializes in the Belize offshore company formation and management services – primarily the formation and management of Belize International Business Companies.

We provide offshore company incorporation and administration, Registered Agent and Registered Address services, professional directorship and company management services, nominee shareholding services, creation and registration of offshore trusts and foundations, trustee services, foundation council member services, document custodial services, mail forwarding, call handling and secretarial services, bank account introductions and administration, corporate searches and filings, assistance with special licensing procedures with offshore mutual funds, offshore banks and offshore insurance companies under the Belize laws.