Offshore Bank Accounts

Why do you charge a fee for the assistance with the account opening?

The offshore bank account introduction is a professional service, which takes time and effort on our part. As Approved Introducers to the bank, we refer our client to them, provide the client with a full set of account opening forms, provide assistance or instructions as to how these forms should be appropriately completed and recommendations as to what information should be provided and how. Following the completion of the account application file, we introduce the client to a dedicated customer services manager in the bank. The banker would then take over the whole account application process directly. The bank account introduction is a one-time service.

In many instances, the offshore bank account opening can be completed by mail, without a personal presence of the client. At the same time, there are banks which require the beneficial owner to be personally present, either at the time of account opening, or within a certain timeframe after opening.