Offshore Bank Accounts

Can You just open the bank account for my offshore company without me signing anything?

No, it is not possible. The personal information of the beneficial owner of the company is one of the key elements in the bank account application. Successful application considerably depends on the personal details and experience of the client in the intended business therefore the beneficial owner will have to fully disclose his identity and professional background to the bank.

Additionally, all offshore banks have strict KYC regulations and they will require certain documents of all the shareholders, directors, beneficial owners and account signatories of the IBC. Most banks will ask for a certified passport copy, a proof of address and a bank reference letter, nevertheless, these requirements vary from bank to bank and different documents may be asked and/or accepted by different banks.

Company business description is another item of great importance in the offshore bank account application process. It is one of the first things that the banks view and consider when deciding on acceptability of the client.

We do not and we cannot know the business particulars of your IBC as well as your personal details therefore we cannot contrive this part of application without your participation. And, the more thorough your participation is, the better chances of account opening.