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I have a company registered in another country - can I transfer it to the Belize?

Yes. There is a specific procedure for that, called continuation. The Belize International Business Companies Act permits a foreign company which is in good standing in their own country, to be re-domiciled into and become registered in Belize. Such continuation must, however, be allowed under the laws of the country of original incorporation. Most, but not all, countries allow their companies to be re-domiciled and continued in other jurisdictions. The continuation procedure itself is largely similar to a standard registration process for a new IBC. The main difference is that a number of additional documents must be presented to the Registry in order to confirm the legal existence, good standing and proper decision of the foreign company to be continued as a Belize IBC. Such documents will specifically have to be obtained by the owner of that company, from its home jurisdiction. Therefore, the continuation process is not entirely automatic and requires certain input from the owner of the IBC. The company name should also be available in Belize, otherwise the "incoming" company will have to change it`s name in the process to a name available in Belize.

The end result of the continuation process is the alteration of the foreign company into a Belize International Business Company. The new Belize company remains the legal holder of all assets and liabilities of the "old" company, the only difference is its country of registration, which would be Belize instead of the previous jurisdiction.