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Why do you require a copy of my passport and other ID documents?

In essence, the company owners must be identified and the documents are required to reduce the risk of the offshore companies being used for criminal purposes. According to Anti-Money-Laundering laws in force in nearly all the countries of the world, in order to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing and international crime, all the financial services providers (which includes us) must know and confirm by documents the particulars of their clients. In terms of Due Diligence regulations, we are much like a bank. We must clearly determine the identities and whereabouts of all our clients. Therefore, a certified passport copy and a recent proof of address must be provided in all cases and other documents may be requested depending on the circumstances. As indicated before, this information remains confidential on our internal file only. It is not filed to the Company Registry and it is not available to public. Nevertheless, an IBC cannot be formed anywhere in the world by any Registered Agent without the required documents being presented.