Ordering and Pricing

Do You need information on my intended business?

Yes, but not in too much detail. In general terms, we would need to know what is the intended area of operation for Your new IBC. Indication as to what You indend to do with Your offshore company would often be to Your own benefit, as sometimes we could prevent potential trouble in case if the intended business happens to be one of the activities requiring a special licence. Sometimes we could also suggest some adjustments to the corporate structure of Your IBC if we know what exactly You expect to do with it. Anyway, to register an offshore company You don`t need to come up with any commercially sensitive information, names of Your potential clients, detailed product descriptions or anything to that extent. We would also need to know, in broad terms, the expected geographical area of operation of the new IBC. Again, in many occasions this knowledge may allow us to give You some suggestions as to the most appropriate structure or usage of Your IBC.