Ownership and Control of my Offshore Company

Can I change my IBC from one Registered Agent to another?

Yes. The change of Registered Agent is a fairly standard procedure for IBC`s. It can be done by passing a requisite Resolution of Directors of the IBC, amending the Memorandum of Association of the IBC by way of removing the old Agent and Address and inserting the new one. Such resolution will become effective in three business days after it has been sent by registered mail to the previous agent. Of course, the Resolution for change of the Registered Agent will also have to be filed with the Belize Registry of Companies.

Although legally the change of the Registered Agent is a pretty straightforward matter, those clients, who act in bad faith (for instance, try to avoid the payment of confirmed and past-due company renewal fees) will face difficulties. Quite simply, they may not find any Registered Agent willing to accept the administration of their delinquent IBC. Therefore, maintenance of the IBC in good standing is a top-priority necessity.