Why would I need my IBC documents Apostilled?

In order to make them "work". Without Apostille You might be unable to use the corporate documents of the IBC back at home in your own country, or in any country where You plan to do business.

Documents issued and notarized in one country are normally acceptable only in-land. To make an official document legally accepted abroad, the second-level certification - the Apostille -must be performed. Without Apostille there will be little use of the documents of a Belize IBC as soon as these documents leave Belize.

If you wish to open a bank account or an investment account for your offshore company, to purchase real estate or any other asset requiring public registration, to establish an affiliate office or a subsidiary with your offshore company, or to enter into any similar transaction where you would have to present the company documents to an official third party outside Belize, Your documents need to be Apostilled in order to be accepted.