Is it a requirement for an IBC to set up a fully operational office in Belize?

No. The only mandatory legal requirement is to have a "minimum mandatory representation" in the country. This is covered by having a Registered Office and a Registered Agent in the Belize. This service is usually provided by us, as a licensed Registered Agent, for all International Business Companies we register and maintain for our clients. If Your business circumstances require, several optional services are available for your offshore company – such as mail and fax forwarding, document re-mailing, telephone call handling. These services give a more "bricks and mortar" looks to Your IBC. However, by definition, an IBC is not supposed to do business locally, with the exception of entering into business transactions with other IBC`s. In simple terms, a Belize IBC may not sell anything to Belizeans. However a Belize IBC may still do several things in Belize that will not infringe it`s tax-free company status. Namely the IBC may own and operate bank accounts in Belize, maintain a professional relationship with solicitors, barristers, accountants, bookkeepers, trust companies, administration companies, investment advisers or other similar persons carrying on business within Belize, prepare or maintain books and records within Belize, holds meetings of directors or members in Belize, holds a lease an office space in Belize for communication and record-keeping purposes, and it may also own vessels registered in Belize.