We have been in the offshore incorporations business for nearly 30 years. We know the trade inside and out.

We want to share our knowledge about offshore incorporations with You. Why? Because we believe that the best client is an informed client.

The following articles concentrate on some of the most important topics in relation to offshore companies, tax haven jurisdictions and offshore service providers.

These reviews are prompted by countless genuine queries we`ve been receiving from our clients. These articles are our shot at giving a comprehensive, no-nonsense view on the particular subjects. We have tried to keep the wording simple and free of legal slang as much as possible. We hope You will find this material useful.

Uses of offshore companies - these are limitless, but the most provident examples are here

The structure of an offshore company - how is an IBC built and how does it function?

Which is the best offshore jurisdiction? - the big question. This one will never go out of fashion...

How to choose the right offshore service provider? - because You really don`t want to come over a bad one...

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