Registered Address and Registered Agent

All offshore jurisdictions require that all international business companies (non-resident companies, offshore companies, etc.) have an address in that country. This is called the Registered Address. The formal reason of this address is to have an exact location of the company for the purpose of official correspondence or inquiries from the government. Most often these are just some annual report forms and the annual government fee notices that get sent to the Registered Address. Yet, all companies must have such address, in their country of registration.

Most offshore jurisdictions also require a company to have a Registered Agent within their territory. Usually the Registered Agent is located in the Registered Address of the company. The reason is again the same, to have some person (or, usually, a professional services firm) who acts as an "intermediary" linking the government and the particular offshore company. The name and address of the Registered Agent are on public file in the Registrar of Companies, so this information is accessible to anyone who needs to ask.

Provision of the Registered Address and Registered Agent are standard domiciliation services, provided to all clients of Fidelity Overseas Ltd at a competitive fixed annual fee.