As source-provider, we specialize in Belize offshore incorporation services. However, through our affiliate offices You can directly access similar range of products from several other renowned offshore jurisdictions.

Our sister offices, part of the Fidelity Corporate Services group, are located in two other distinctive offshore tax havens - British Virgin Islands and Seychelles. You can access them directly, without intermediaries, to obtain an extensive range of offshore services available from these jurisdictions.

Just like us, our affiliate offices are Registered Agents in their respective jurisdictions, providing offshore company formations, company management and special licensing services. Just like us, they are the source providers of professional and efficient offshore company incorporations.

If for any reasons Belize is not fitting your offshore needs, may we ask You to check out a few other jurisdictions.

The following pages contain concise reviews on the main corporate features, types of offshore entities and management services available from our affilate offices in British Virgin Islands and Seychelles.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - incorporation of BVI Business Companies and BVI offshore mutual funds, company administration and management services, provided by Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd (BVI).

SEYCHELLES - incorporation and management of Seychelles International Business Companies and Special License Companies, provided by Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Ltd.