IBC Configuration Tool and Order Form


Welcome to our online custom company configuration tool.

This form is an informative tool designed to streamline and simplify the offshore company creation process, while also providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice. It does not require you provide any sensitive personal information, as all of our Know Your Client (KYC) requirements will be handled as we progress with your order.

Instead, this form allows you to customize a package according to your needs, and gain an accurate understanding of your solution`s price, while also serving to inform us of your interest in our products. Of course this does not bind or oblige you in any way - this form is purely informative, and the first step in the company creation process.

The process is a simple, straightforward, and quick-to-complete interactive guide for setting-up an International Business Company (IBC). It will allow you to click through, and select all of the optional products and services you might require to optimize the set up of your offshore company. There are comments and explanations provided in easy to understand language for each option so you can familiarize yourself with the uses and advantages of all the alternatives, and make an informed choice about the services you really need.

Clear Service Options & Straightforward Pricing

Our online company configuration form is an informative tool. It does not oblige you to buy anything. Instead, it is a pre-order information tool. The completed form will give you clear explanations about the services we offer, and accurate, straightforward pricing information about the company set up you specify. This help us better serve your needs by understanding your requirements and providing us with the information we need to quickly and efficiently get your company up and running.

Confidentiality is Always

You can be 100% sure about the confidentiality and safety of any data you provide. The only personal information we initially require is a contact email or phone number so we can respond to your enquiry. Of course, any information you do provide is held in the strictest confidentiality, and is for internal use only. We understand how sensitive client information can be in our line of work, and it is our bedrock policy to never disclose client information to third parties!

Streamlined Process with
Prompt Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our quick, high quality customer service. Your business is important, and sometimes seconds can make or break international deals. That is why we are dedicated to fast reply times. We guarantee one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours of submitting a company configuration form. At this point we will consult with you to confirm your ideal solution. Then we will move forward with your company formation, and get your business up and running as quickly as possible, so you can get back to the work of running your business, and making deals.